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How To Make Arduino Gesture Control Car Using Blutooth .

Hey Friends Today we will learn How To make Arduino Gesture Control Car using Arduino. This Gesture Control Robot is based on Arduino Nano, MPU6050, Hc-05 Bluetooth Module Pair and Motor Driver shield. Control Car Like a Super Hero. Basically this is a simple application of MPU-6050 3-axis Gyroscope, Accelerometer You can make a lot Projects if you understand and How to Interface it with microcontroller and how to transfer its data over the Bluetooth modules. It is very easy to make if you understand. it’s a cool project and very simple!

This project is essentially made of two-part, the Transmitter placed on the hand and the Receiver one which is the car chassis.

The different gestures that have been mapped to the direction of the Robot Car are-

  1. Hand parallel to the ground-stationary
  2. Hand tilted forward-forward
  3. Hand tilted backward-backward
  4. Hand tilted right-right
  5. Hand tilted left-left

I’ve made the transmitter made on a glove.

What Is a Robot ?

Robot is an electromechanical device which is capable of reacting in some way to its environment, and take autonomous decisions or actions in order to achieve a specific task.

A robot is consists of following components

  1. Structure / Chassis
  2. Actuator / Motor
  3. Controller
  4. Inputs / Sensors
  5. Power Supply

In the next steps I will describe each of the above components, so that you can understand easily.

Required Material – Arduino Gesture Control Car

How To Make Diy Gesture Control Robot Using Arduino_11

You’ll need Some components for making this

  • 1× Arduino nano
  • 1× Arduino UNO
  • 2× BO Motor
  • 2× wheel
  • 1× l293D IC
  • 1× 7.4Volt lipo battery
  • 1× zero PCB
  • 2× connectors
  • 2× bluetooth module
  • 1× MPU6050
  • 1pcs Gloves


The MPU6050 is one of the most commonly used Sensor Modules by hobbyists and enthusiasts. It consist Three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope and a Digital motion processor integrated on a single chip. it used to measure the position and the acceleration of the device.

Circuit Diagram for Arduino Gesture Control Car

This Arduino Gesture Controller Car Using Blutooth. hardware is divided into two sections

  1. Transmitter
  2. Receiver

Transmitter Circuit for Arduino Gesture Control Car

How To Make Diy Gesture Control Robot Using Arduino transmitter


  • Arduino nano
  • MPU6050Ssensor
  • HC-05Bluetooth module
  • Push-button
  • battery 9v.

The transmitter section of this project consists of MPU6050 Gyroscope and  Accelerometer , HC-05 Bluetooth Module, and Arduino Nano. The Arduino continuously gets data from the MPU6050 and sends this data to the Bluetooth. Bluetooth transmits the data into the environment.

All components are soldering in the PCB board.

Receiver Circuit for Arduino Gesture Control Car

The receiver section of this gesture controlled robot consists of Arduino Nano, Bluetooth Module, 2 DC motors, and Motor driver shield. Bluetooth receives the data from the transmitter and sends it to Arduino nano. Then according to received signals, Arduino moves the DC motors. The circuit diagram is given below.

All components are soldering in the PCB board.


  • Bluetooth module(slave):receiving data.
  • Motor Shield: control direction and speed of motors.
  • 9v battery to power the Arduino Nano and other components.


How To Make Diy Gesture Control Robot Using Arduino 1


Assembling the Robot Chassis.

building the robot body

You can build the robot car body as shown in the Pictures 


Software for Arduino Gesture Control Car

The software is fully depends on a library. So first download it. Click here to download.

After downloading extract the folder and then place it in the Arduino library folder.

Software for Transmitter:

Before going to upload the Code to the transmitter board, you have to set few things in the Arduino IDE

1.Board -> Arduino Nano (what board you have used)

2.Serial Port -> COM90 (check the com port in which your device is connected )

Arduino Gesture Control Car1 1

After setting Done, Copy the below code and upload it.

Software for Receiver :

Arduino Gesture Control Car 1

Similar to the above set the following for receiver board

  • Remove the Usb cable from both the board
  • Provide external power (battery ) to the both the board.( positive terminal goes to Vin )

Follow This Instruction  Easiest Way to Make a Arduino  Gesture Control Robot



Let’s Power it and Enjoy Like a super Hero

Hope you find this useful. if yes, like it, share it, comment your doubt.

Thank you!

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