Raspberry Pi Pico Projects

The first silicon Raspberry Pi microcontroller was built on RP2040 a brand-new chip developed right here at Raspberry Pi Foundation In the UK, Raspberry Pi Pico. Priced at just $4.

Raspberry Pi Pico offers a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ processor (133 MHz), 256 KB RAM, 30 GPIO pins, and many other interface options. In addition, there is 2 MB of on-board QSPI flash memory for code and data storage.

Features :

Programming in C/C++ and MicroPython
Dual-core processor ARM Cortex M0+ – 133 MHz with 264 KB of SRAM and 2 MB of integrated Flash memory
26-pin multi-function GPIO
2 × SPI, 2 × I2C, 2 × UART, 3 × 12-bit ADC, 16 × controllable PWM channels
Onboard Temperature sensor

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