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45+ Exciting Final Year Arduino Projects Ideas & Tutorial

In this article, we’ll round up some of the best Arduino projects to give you some inspiration. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced maker, you’re sure to find something here that’s worth your time. from a DIY Robot to a musical instrument, there’s an Arduino project for everyone. So grab your soldering iron and get started on these fun projects.

The free time of summer vacations or the continuous schedule is for many an ideal time to start more complex or long projects and associated with some of their passions. If Arduino or the Raspberry Pi is among your interests.  50+ projects based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi to do this summer. Check more Arduino Projects

 1. DIY Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid

Some simple roll-on deodorants for the base are part of the list of recycled materials that we can find at home and with which this genius of the maker world has built a life-size BB8 robot. Then with an Arduino board and Bluetooth connectivity, you have the luxury of being able to control it from your own smartphone. Incredible and very motivating for the intelligent use it makes of materials that we can all have at home and without apparent “technological” use.


More information | Instructables .

 2. Air Light for Streaming Broadcasters

With an XBee module and an Arduino board, you can feel like a radio or television professional when you are broadcasting a live stream from your room. This project helps us create an “In the air” sign to be attached to the door of the room so that, when it detects that we are doing live streaming, it remains illuminated. And the rest of the world warned.


More information | makezine.

 3. Arduino Color Sorter Project

If you’ve always dreamed that a machine created by you was capable of organizing your candies by color, this is your chance. With a couple of servo motors, an Arduino board, a color sensor, and the proper programming, you’ve got your automatic color picker.


More information | howtomechatronics.

4. Universal Smart Remote Control

The greatest difficulty of this project to build a universal remote connection to our smartphone is not in the assembly or the materials to be used but in the programming and configuration of the system. So patience to get a device that could even interpret voice instructions to put a Netflix movie on the TV.


More information | Instructables .

5. Voice Activated Arduino Blinds

A properly placed servomotor to move Venetian blinds can be converted in a short time and with some programming into a voice-controlled system via Bluetooth that allows us to both open and close them on demand. Once you have assimilated the operation and programming of the system, automating more elements of the house is a matter of time and imagination.


More information | Voice Activated Arduino Blinds.

6. How To Make an Arduino based RFID Door Lock

Confirming our own RFID cards to allow or not access to a venue. This is what we learn to do with this project in which we build a minute door opening and closing system thanks to RFID contactless technology.


More information | HTM.

 7. Arduino Self-Balancing Robot – Arduino Projects

Avoid obstacles thanks to an ultrasound sensor and be able to stay balanced by yourself thanks to the Arduino Pro Mini board. It is the base on which we build a robot that is capable of maintaining balance.

                      Arduino Projects

More information | Instructables .

 8. Joystick Controlled Remote Car

One of the simplest projects to get started with Arduino in a powerful way: is a remote control car with a joystick that is very easy to find in the starter kits of this platform.

          Fwe7633jckur8go Large

More information | Instructables .

 9. DIY Vending Machine

A lot of DIY but also a lot of satisfaction is what we get if we complete this project to build a personal vending machine. We have the instructions for construction, assembly, and of course the programming in Arduino.


More information | HTM.

 10. Control of the state of a swimming pool

In summer, if you have a pool, a very practical project would be to build a water temperature and pH meter. The system allows the data to be exported and viewed in real-time.


More information | Hackaday.

11. Alarm for our events in Google Calendar

One of the most unknown boards in the Arduino world, the Yún, is the protagonist of this project in which we can automatically synchronize our Google calendar or Gmail mail so that, based on our events, the system configures a series of alarms.


More information | Smart Alarm.

 12. Scale connected

You need a 3D printer for the case and some parts, but the finish will then be excellent. In this project, with an Arduino board as a brain and sensors to detect up to 200 kg of weight, you can build your own connected scale, with access to the IFTTT service to connect with other quantification accounts.


More information | Hackster.

13. Cat-apult

In a self-respecting maker project, a good part of learning cannot be missing. In this proposal with Arduino, in addition to the programming itself, we carry a good dose of analog sensors and servo motors in our backpack.


More information | Maker Pro.

14. Advanced planter

At a cost of fewer than 150 euros, we can build a great autonomous garden system with Arduino. We will be able to automatically control temperature, humidity, and the amount of light that our plants receive.


More information | Makezine.

 15. Radar to detect objects Arduino Projects

Very striking is this project that draws on a map created on a PC thanks to Processing, the presence of objects that the system detects thanks to an ultrasound sensor with a range of up to 4 meters and 180-degree coverage/rotation.


More information | HTM.

  16. Mousetrap

Even the most analog tasks, such as creating a mousetrap, have their automated and advanced version. This project is not easy and it will take you a while, but the investment and learning will pay off: a cage suspended by magnets that, through proximity sensors, is capable of detecting when there is a mouse inside and then making the trap fall. Light and sound indicators are included to notify us that the system has worked.


More information | Smart rat trap

17. Secret Gumball Machine

A chewing gum machine is only activated if we indicate a specific sound pattern on its surface. Hitting the pattern that we have decided before with the correct rhythm, the combination of piezoelectric sensors with the Arduino’s brain will only give us candy if we know the secret key, which we can logically change. but without the little ones knowing.


More information | Secret Knock Gumball Machine.

 18. MIDI controller

Music lovers can build themselves a complete and well-designed MIDI controller with 16 buttons and 4 knobs. To work it uses an Arduino board on which you have to install the appropriate program and if we want the best finishes, print the plastic case with a 3D printer.


More information | Adafruit.

  19. Fingerprint reader for garage door

With patience, taking the already programmed code and making a few soldering, an Arduino ATmega328 board for less than 10 euros is the basis for assembling our own home access system by means of a fingerprint. We can even include a screen that integrates the ATmega328 to make the system more compact.


More information | Instructables .

  20. Automatic spray gun

I can’t think of many practical uses for this automatic water gun, but the learning and challenge ahead of us is very interesting: how to convert a spray gun into an automatic model that includes a motion sensor. If you dare, perhaps you have found the ultimate machine to cool off this summer without having more to move a foot or hand in front of the squirt gun.


More information | Tinkernut .

21. Control of the state of a swimming pool

In summer, if you have a pool, a very practical project would be to build a water temperature and pH meter. The system allows the data to be exported and viewed in real-time.

More information | Hackaday.

22. Backpack alarm

Portable and low cost. This is the alarm that with an Arduino board and a three-axis accelerometer we can build in a very short time. Once activated, if the backpack moves about 10 degrees, we can make the alarm sound mercilessly.

More information | Hacksters.

23. An automated garden

It collects data and is in charge of watering the plants in our urban garden automatically. With this project, if you have the right information, maintaining a garden is a matter of less dedication.

More information | Practical Engineering.

23. Automatic opening bin

The number of cool projects that can be done with a simple ultrasound sensor is staggering. In this, we propose to create a trash can that, when it detects that we approach the hand, opens automatically.

More information | Hacksters.

24. A digital wooden clock

An Arduino or compatible controller board, wood, and up to 85 LEDs. It is the basis for building your own wooden digital clock. The best or worst finish of the project will depend on your DIY skill.

F2iyg2yfakc0n57 Large

More information | Instructables .

25. An analog pong

With two potentiometers and an Arduino board connected to a television, we can re-create the controls of a gaming classic: pong.


More information | Makeuseof.

26. Robotic arm

If the video amazes you as much as we do, we encourage you to carry out this project in which a robotic arm is capable of, after picking up an object with tweezers, not colliding with obstacles thanks to an ultrasound sensor.

More information | Hackster.

27. Fingerprint reader

With an Arduino Nano board and a fingerprint reader costing less than $ 40, we can build our own fingerprint recognition system. The use we give it depends on each one.


More information | MakerPro.

28. TimeLapses and panoramas under control.

From Arduino, of course. Whether you are going to do it to manage panoramas or create time-lapses in motion, this system for your favorite camera allows you to be more creative but always under control.

Fwnooa0ihyqkk9a Large

More information | Instructables .

29. Battery charge tester

Step by step to build your own battery or cell capacity tester. The project is very affordable both in construction and programming, with all the steps perfectly explained.


More information | Arduino My Life.

Summer projects with Raspberry Pi

30. A bartender who never tires

Up to 6 types of ingredients or drinks can be mixed at the same time by this automated bartender who, selecting the drink we want, takes care of preparing it directly and effortlessly.

More information | Hackster.

31. Home photo booth

A classic of the projects that we can carry out with a Raspberry Pi is the personalized and homemade photo booth. For all kinds of low-cost events. The quality of the photos will not be very good, since the camera is used for the Raspberry Pi, but it includes everything else: countdown or effects if we want to.

More information | Hackster.

32. Know the value of your Magic: The Gathering cards

With Raspberry Pi the limits are set by your imagination. How else could we propose a project to build ourselves, with the help of LEGO pieces to facilitate the task, an automated system to review all our cards from the Magic: The Gathering game, recognize them and find information about their price in the market. Fantastic.

More information | Rpi.

33. Weather station

Completely homemade. This is the weather station that you can build with the help of different sensors, the ones you aspire to include in your station, and a Raspberry Pi. With it and the appropriate programming, we get a station that stores the measured data in an exportable format, that generates graphs/statistics, and even, if we add a camera for the RPi, be able to take a photo every minute to create a fantastic TimeLapse of our changing environment…

Fbimkdui85qrpp4 Large

More information | Instructables .

34. New email notifier

Raspberry Pi hats are an inexpensive and easy way to add more functionality to our minicomputer via GPIO. With one of the most versatile hats, the sensor hat (it costs 38 euros ), we can take advantage of its LED matrix to create a system that visually notifies us of the arrival of a new email to our mailbox, even with the help of personalized rules.

Raspberry Pi Email Notifier

More information | PiMylifeUp.

35. Your own device with Alexa

2018 has been characterized by the landing of different virtual assistants. With a Raspberry Pi, you can create your own, in this case with Amazon as an ally. It won’t sound like a speaker and you won’t be able to use apps like Spotify, but at least you’ll have your own device with Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

Alexa V3 Mini Watermarked

More information | PiMyLifeUp .

36. “Live” painting

If you have an LCD screen from a television or monitor that no longer works for you, you can give it a second chance by using it to create a chart that shows images, videos, or whatever your imagination dictates. That is the only limit.

Faq09i6jactydbc Large

More information | Instructables .

37. GIF photo camera

Another very fun photographic project, well finished and that we will get a lot out of this summer. It is a camera with the Raspberry Pi and it is responsible for creating a GIF for us. A different way to take photos and have memories.

GIF camera

More information | Hackaday.

38. Minecraft PE Server

Taking advantage of the low consumption of the RPi, this project uses the 40 euro minicomputer to keep a Minecraft server for its Pocket Edition online all the time.

Minecraft Pe Lan Server

More information | PML.

39. Your own advanced drone

Assembling our own drone allows us to grant it functions on demand. In this case, the project is not at all simple but the result is well worth it: face recognition, autonomous flight system, ability to avoid obstacles and even telemetry via Bluetooth.

More information | Instructables .

40. Mini PC chess player

If you’ve always dreamed of having your own chess-player computer, leave it in the hands of a Raspberry Pi. Using its processing power and Arduino boards, you can build a chess system that plays against you … and with real pieces.

More information | For therapy.

41. MiniMac made with LEGO

It doesn’t have a big screen, not even a color screen (it’s an e-ink one), but for Apple fans, this Docker minimal running on a Raspberry Pi Zero is quite a statement of intent. And a great challenge.


More information | Yann.

42. Telescope controlled by a Rpi

For lovers of space, this system allows both to capture images automatically with a compatible camera, to know the exact location of a star or planet so that we can direct the telescope automatically.


More information | Hackaday.

43. Your own Polaroid camera

A Polaroid that takes photos in black and white and not with photographic paper. It may sound somewhat disappointing but don’t forget that you have the possibility to create it completely from scratch and also at a very low cost. This project uses the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero, a screen, and a continuous thermal printer.

More information | Hackaday.

44. Responsible plant

A different way to know the state of the air is to let a plant indicate it by means of a light signal. In reality, although the plant is real, it is not it but an air quality sensor connected to a Rpi that tells us how the environment is going.

More information | Instructables .

45. Door controlled with the smartphone

A project of direct utility if you want to automate the door of your house at home. Once the system is assembled with the Raspberry Pi and everything configured, the door can be opened and closed with the smartphones of your choice. There are additions that add points on the maker scale, such as an LED light to visually indicate if the door is closed or not.


More information | Hackaday.

46. From Ikea lamp to signal projector

Hacking Ikea products is almost a religion. With a Raspberry Pi we can turn a cheap lamp from a famous Swedish store into a signal projector. Of superheroes? Why not?


More information | Hacksters.

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