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How to Make DIY Mini CNC Machine With Arduino

Hey, friends welcome back I hope you are all fine A few years ago, I decided I wanted to make a DIY CNC Machine With Arduino. I had seen some online and they looked like a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, but I knew I wanted to use an Arduino microcontroller. After doing some research, I found a great tutorial online (link below). The tutorial walks you through all the steps of making a mini CNC machine, from building the frame to wiring the electronics.

Required Material’s for CNC Machine With Arduino

Components Used

  1.  Old/ Used DVD Writers 2X ___________ (you can get these from any computer repairing/servicing shop)
  2.  Arduino UNO 1X ___________________
  3. Servo Motor 1X ____________________
  4. CNC Shield V1 (PCB)________________ 
  5. L293D IC 2X _______________________
  6. A piece of Aluminium ________________ From local store
  7. M5x25mm Nuts & Bolts ______________ From local store
  8. flaxible Wires_______________________ From local store

Tools used:

  1. Soldering Iron: 
  2. Soldering Stand: 
  3. Soldering Wire:
  4. Soldering flux:
  5. Glue gun:
  6. Multimeter:

    I’ve been using my mini CNC machine to make all sorts of things. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot along the way. If you’re thinking about making your own mini CNC machine, I highly recommend it. Just be prepared to spend some time wiring everything up.

    I started by gathering all the materials I needed. The tutorial calls for a few specific parts, but I was able to find most of them at my local hardware store. I did have to order the Arduino microcontroller and a few other bits and pieces online. Once I had everything, I followed the tutorial step-by-step.

    Programming for CNC machine with arduino

    Firstly download the original code and all additional required software from the provided link. attach Arduino with the computer and open the Arduino code from the downloaded file. choose the correct COM port and board type from the tool menu and hit upload. after successfully uploading the program open the G code Sender EXE and select the correct COM port after selecting the COM port all options in the application will open. now click the load G-code button to select the file which you want to draw.

    CNC Machine With Arduino Code

    Conclusion CNC Machine With Arduino

    How to Make Mini CNC Machine scaled

    Hope you find this helpful. if yes, like it, share it, and comment your doubt. For more such projects, follow me! Help my Work and Subscribe to My Channel on YouTube.

    Thank you So much, Friends!

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